Addiction can be lonely and overwhelming. Family members may not understand a loved one is struggling. For some dealing with addiction, their families may not relate. It can be increasingly challenging to cope with addiction and recovery without support. Today, individual therapy is one of the leading tools for those in addiction recovery. Therapists specializing in addiction treatment help clients through detox and each stage of rehab to identify addiction triggers and maintain sobriety. Addiction therapists provide professional support in safe, non-judgemental sessions.

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What Is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy pairs clients with a therapist for one-on-one counseling sessions. These sessions might last anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes each. In residential rehab, many clients meet with therapists every day for the duration of their stay. Outpatient rehab may provide therapists daily or several times a week as clients recover. Over time, clients use tools developed in therapy to achieve more independent lives. Many people may continue independent therapy for many years.

There are many types of individual therapy offered around the country. These therapies help clients change behavior, address triggers, and develop new healthy habits and coping strategies for daily life. Common types of individual therapy for addiction include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • EMDR
  • Contingency management
  • Art therapy
  • Movement therapy
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy

Different people respond best to various individual therapy programs. For many, talk therapy can help them share their experience with others. For others, art, movement, and other expressive therapies can help them process trauma and addiction triggers without the pressure to express themselves verbally. Many thrive from multiple types of individual therapy. Therefore, most rehab programs provide multiple types of therapy to help clients cope and heal throughout recovery.

Signs Individual Therapy Is Right for You

Individual therapy is a requirement of most addiction treatment programs. For those trying to quit substance abuse or mitigate addiction triggers at home, individual therapy can help. Signs addiction therapy programs that may be right for you include:

  • Feeling alone in your addiction – If you feel like no one understands what it is like to navigate addiction and recovery, a therapist can provide insight, feedback, and years of experience with addiction.
  • Feeling you are rarely heard – The individualized attention from a therapist can help those who feel unheard or ignored learn to self-advocate in their recovery.
  • You enjoy consistency and building relationships – Therapists can provide ongoing, long-term support. Through building relationships with clients, they can help clients see their growth over time.
  • You have trouble speaking up in groups – While most rehab programs include group and family therapy, many people feel more comfortable in individual therapy. One-on-one sessions provide privacy and can help clients prepare to share in group settings.

Individual therapy has benefits beyond addiction treatment. Regular therapy can help people overcome and process trauma, mitigate stress, and develop a greater understanding of their lives. Therapy provides coping tools and perspective.

Begin Individual Therapy for Addiction Treatment at Atlanta Detox Center

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