Why is it that some people can drink or use drugs socially while others develop addictions? If you or someone you love is experiencing drug and alcohol dependence, you’re probably asking yourself this very question. Fortunately, the answers might help you to understand addiction and give you insights into how to free yourself from this heavy burden.

Causes of Drug and Alcohol Dependence

One prominent cause of addiction is genetic. In other words, you may have a family history of drug and alcohol dependency that makes you physically more likely to develop an addiction. Proximity can also figure strongly into addictive behaviors. If your friends or family members are using, you may also adopt these destructive habits. Where you live as well as the social and economic conditions of the area are also strong contributing factors. If your peers or neighbors abuse substances, chances are good that you will, too.

The Deceptive Benefits of Alcohol and Drugs

Now you have an idea of a few of the underlying causes of addiction, but that’s only half the picture. The true allure comes when you use alcohol or drugs. Depending on what you’re using, you may feel any number of the following symptoms:

  • Happy and care-free
  • Sleepy
  • Like you are in a dream state
  • Lessening of anxiety
  • Reduced social awkwardness
  • Extra energy
  • Reduced appetite
  • Alert and clear

Looking at these effects objectively, most of them are positive, even desirable. It’s no wonder that after using a substance that brings about these feelings, many people want to go back for more time and time again.

The Fallout of Addiction

The tragedy of addiction is that it’s a two-sided coin. There’s the shiny, happy, extra smart and alert part that you see at first. But then there’s the dark, distorted and ugly side. When you become fully submerged in drug and alcohol dependence, the hideous side comes forward. The substances ravage your body and can even do lasting damage to your brain. Your relationships suffer, some beyond repair. Your career and finances can take a direct hit.

In fact, some individuals with addiction lose everything, including their spouses and children, their jobs and their homes. At the same time, the positive physical effects you once felt begin to fade. You enter into a downward spiral of chasing the elusive high but never finding it at the expense of all you once held dear.

Get Off the Destructive Treadmill

Fighting drug and alcohol dependence will be one of the most difficult battles of your life. Nevertheless, you can win it, particularly if you accept help. At Crestview Recovery Center in Portland, Oregon, our acclaimed staff are experienced in helping clients overcome all types of addiction. Whether you use alcohol, heroin, opioids, meth or cocaine, we can tailor a program that takes your individual needs and situation into consideration.

Our beautiful clinical treatment facilities will provide the perfect environment to help you make permanent, positive changes. You can expect a tailored program containing the following:

  • Complete physical, psychological and social evaluation to determine your goals and to individualize your program
  • Medically supervised detox off-site
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Cutting-edge addiction treatment techniques
  • Social and recreational programs providing positive alternatives to substance abuse
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Ongoing follow-up including family support and peer/alumni groups

When you or a loved one entrusts your life and sobriety to Crestview Recovery Center, we make your sobriety our number one priority. Together with our trained staff, you will come to understand the causes of your addiction, what triggers it and how you can beat it once and for all. Take the first step toward lifelong sobriety today. Call our drug and alcohol dependence specialists at 866-580-4160 to discuss men’s and women’s addiction rehab.

crest view recovery center portland oregon addiction treatment center programs drug and alcohol rehab center portland orCrestview Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with the experience to help you recover. Our entire staff is dedicated to giving you the care that you need to begin regaining control over your life and start the healing process. Moreover, our caring and understanding staff members are among the most experienced in the field. We believe in a holistic approach to recovery, rather than just using evidence-based methods here.