Loving someone struggling with addiction can be challenging and painful, but many people in recovery today credit the support and love of their spouse as one of the crucial elements of their success. Even though addiction can be a dark presence in a relationship, there is hope and help out there. If you have a loved one with an addiction, it can be tremendously helpful and reassuring to learn how to help them. Liberty Health offers the kind of family therapy necessary to help couples understand how to deal with addiction.

Be Clear About How Your Spouse’s Addiction Has Damaged Your Relationship

Even though some might think that addiction treatment is focused on helping a person stop using drugs or drinking, that is only part of the process. Another vital component of participating in a drug counseling program at a rehab center is addressing the pain and trauma that addiction has brought to their entire family, especially their partner or spouse. If your loved one lives in addiction, you must take stock of how that has damaged the relationship. Some of these might be:

  • Loss of trust due to lying, negative behavior, or not keeping one’s word
  • The financial strain on the household due to drug use or drinking
  • Feeling that your spouse is no longer the person you originally married
  • Transgression of boundaries
  • Arguing, fighting, and even abusive behavior
  • Resentment for being left to take care of things alone

Are You Supporting or Enabling?

It can be extremely difficult to separate how you feel about your spouse and what you would like to do for them from what you need to do to appropriately support someone in active addiction. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help clear things up:

  • Do I know what healthy boundaries look like?
  • Am I setting and maintaining healthy and appropriate boundaries?
  • Have I spoken to a professional therapist or counselor?
  • Is my spouse obliged to take responsibility for their actions, or am I shielding them from that?
  • What am I doing to prioritize taking care of myself and others in the home who need me?
  • Am I managing my own emotions and allowing my spouse to do the same?

Things You Can Do That Are Helpful When Your Spouse is Addicted

Taking action to help someone you love who is struggling can feel very empowering, and there are many things you can do that will be helpful. The most important thing you can do is look for a family-centered therapy program at a licensed rehab center or drug detox program. Even if your spouse is not ready to participate right now, it is a good idea to have a plan for when they are ready. Another helpful thing you can do, especially if your spouse is not yet ready to seek treatment, is counseling for yourself. A professional therapist at a counseling center can answer questions, offer objective advice, and help you learn how best to take care of yourself in a tough situation. Talk to trusted friends about what is going on and seek support from loved ones.

Find Out How Liberty Health Can Help Your Family

If your spouse or partner is struggling with addiction, reach us at Liberty Health Services today at 855.689.5685. Located in Derry, New Hampshire, we are committed to guiding our patients and their families on the recovery journey. Our kind and compassionate staff members are available to answer your questions and tell you how we can help your family heal from the trauma of addiction. Contact us at 855.689.5685 and rediscover hope, health, and recovery.

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