Portland, Oregon is Oregon State’s most populous city, running along the interstate-5 corridor. This highway makes it easier for drug traffickers to distribute drugs in and around Portland. While many people in Portland may think that substance abuse mostly affects the homeless population, use of meth and heroin is widespread. Especially in the colder months, many use meth as a way to keep warm and stay alert in gloomy weather.

While meth and heroin account for the majority of drug abuse in the Portland area, there are plenty of other addictive substances that affect Portland residents. If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction to alcohol, meth, heroin, Xanax, painkillers, benzos, or opiates, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Sunstone Recovery serves the State of Oregon with quality drug rehab programs for recovery. Contact us online, or call 855.833.9199 today.

Finding a Portland Drug Treatment Program

When addiction has taken hold, it can feel like your entire personality has disappeared and life is a constant chase for more drugs. Finding a drug rehab program that works for you can help. Step by step, it is possible to shed away addiction and rediscover your freedom. At a drug rehab program in Portland, addiction specialists help clients to:

  • Detox under medical supervision
  • Identify triggers and co-occurring disorders 
  • Learn new coping skills and connect with peers 
  • Access ongoing support through all levels of care
  • Focus on mental health and psychological aspects of addictions 
  • Strengthen family and social relationships, boost self-confidence

Drug rehab programs in Portland can offer full services for all levels of care, giving clients options. Not every program will suit every client, so it is important to find a drug rehab program that allows for flexibility and tailoring of services. Giving yourself or a loved one a new lease on life is possible with the help of specialists who are committed to helping people achieve long-lasting recovery. Sunstone Recovery offers Portland residents access to all levels of care through telehealth services. Find out more today.

Addiction Programs at Sunstone Recovery

Every client who comes to Sunstone Recovery is treated as an individual, with comprehensive and holistic programs. We make every effort to ensure that each client is given the level of care and treatments that can most benefit them. We offer a wide array of treatment options, given according to the client’s situation and needs. Consider the following treatment options:

  • Partial hospitalization
  • Outpatient addiction treatment
  • Addiction teletherapy

Our services are provided through video-conferencing, giving clients the flexibility to get treatments in the safety of their homes. Clients who benefit from these services should have a safe place to live that is supportive of recovery. Through the ease of accessing therapy online, you can continue to work, attend school, and maintain family obligations. With our compassionate and multi-disciplinary team, you will be supported and given the level of care that meets your needs.    

Virtual Addiction Treatment at Sunstone

Sunstone Recovery’s online therapy makes it easier than ever for Portland residents to access addiction and mental health recovery. We offer online services to the entire State of Oregon, so you don’t have to worry about finding a center near you. Our dual diagnosis programs offer clients the chance to work through the root causes of addiction. With the help of professionals who care, you can find the tools for recovery from the comfort of your home. While it can be difficult to get over feelings of guilt and shame that can come with addiction, the compassion and understanding that Sunstone Recovery’s team offer can help. Reach out to us online today, or call 855.833.9199.

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