You start the evening off with a couple of drinks. When you arrive at the party, there are even more intoxicating substances present. However, did you know that this habit is considered polysubstance abuse? It’s also very dangerous.

What’s Polysubstance Abuse?

When you take multiple drugs concurrently, therapists at our Tacoma, WA, substance abuse treatment programs consider that polysubstance abuse. Some people don’t realize that they’re even doing it. They could be polypharmacy patients who take multiple prescription drugs and then have a glass of wine or beer.

What is polysubstance abuse and why do people intentionally engage in it? In these cases, you take multiple drugs for the effects that they have in combination. For example, you might drink alcohol and pop some opioids to boost the depressant influence of the drugs. You end up chasing the high you get from this combination.

Then again, you might be searching for relief. Seasoned cocaine abusers know that the crash comes with anxiety. They fear it. That’s why they take sedatives to counteract this aspect of the crash.

Not surprisingly, the sedatives also have addiction potential. People begin relying on them more and more. Soon, cocaine is necessary to offset the depressant qualities.

Does the Habit Lead to Multiple Chemical Dependencies?

Polysubstance abuse is the primary reason why some people have several addictions. It’s more common than you think. For many people, alcohol is one of the drugs they develop a dependency on. It’s so easy to get, and socially acceptable, that it factors predominantly in the abuse of substances.

It’s also possible for people with an alcohol use disorder to branch out and develop secondary addictions. You might be a club-goer. Club cooks are continually offering a wide variety of drugs for sale. House party-goers are more likely to abuse purple drank and similar drugs.

Eventually, you don’t just use when you’re out and about. You wake up to withdrawal symptoms and continue abusing substances just to feel somewhat normal. You want the pain to stop.

Rehab is Your Solution

What is polysubstance abuse like when you don’t treat it? Without rehab, multiple chemical dependencies quickly lead to health problems. Your body won’t be able to neutralize the chemicals effectively. Depending on the drugs you’re using, you may notice problems in the various organ systems.

You spend a lot of money on buying drugs. In fact, your entire existence now has drugs as the primary focus. Rehab can be the game-changer you’re looking for. When you work with therapists, they’ll help you quit the vicious cycle.

Addiction therapy services include:

Therapists help you uncover triggers that resulted in your polysubstance abuse. One by one, you learn to neutralize them and replace them with healthy responses. Bayview Recovery therapists routinely work with people who drugs trapped them suddenly and unexpectedly. Call 855.478.3650 today to learn how you can sign up for recovery.

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